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My mental health journey: from anxiety to postnatal depression. January 25, 2021 by jade marie - Disclaimer: This post may be triggering. I am not a doctor or mental health expert, these are my own reflections on my personal mental health journey. I was an anxious child. I have vivid recollections of having panic attacks from a young age, at the time I did not recognise what they were, but I would hyperventilate when crying and… Read More
My birth blog – a positive induction experience September 16, 2020 by jade marie - I would never have imagined that I’d be here writing about a positive induction experience. After a traumatic first induction with my daughter Eliza, I was determined to not be induced this time around. My plan of giving birth at a midwife led birthing centre had already been scuppered due to issues with my platelet count which meant I was… Read More
PCOS and infertility – my journey and perspective July 9, 2020 by jade marie - I want to start by saying that compared to many people who are not fortunate to be blessed with children, I am writing this from the privileged position of being 36 weeks pregnant with my second child. I feel incredibly grateful that my infertility journey was short lived. It has, however, provided me with insights and thoughts that I would… Read More
My reflections on birth and the importance of empowering pregnant ladies June 29, 2020 by jade marie - How many women do you know who have had negative, even traumatic births? I know several and I am one myself. During my first pregnancy I thought I did all the right things to educate myself; attending NCT classes, reading books, watching YouTube videos and watching lots of ‘One Born Every Minute’. Despite my preparation I still found myself pushed… Read More